Roofing Hoists

The tubular design of the roofing hoists makes them very easy to install.

Load capacity: 300 kg, 500 kg

More details

  • The ratio of the counterweight to the load must be 1:1.
  • The counterweight is included in delivery of the 300-kg roofing hoist.
  • The 500-kg roofing hoist can also be provided with suitable containers for the counterweights on request.

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Technical information


Roofing hoists
Load capacity (T) 300 500
Wire rope length (m) 30 30
Lifting speed (m/min) 18 22
Wire rope diameter (mm) 5 6
Total weight (kg) 65 77
Operating voltage  230V / 50Hz 400V/ 50Hz


The technical product information displayed is for guidance only and may differ.