Nut Splitters

Our nut splitter is suitable for wrench openings of 13-98 mm with angled head, or a max. wrench opening of 136 mm. This makes it ideal for use in cramped conditions.

More details

  • Nut splitters cut through the nut without damaging the thread.
  • They are easy to use and ideal for the removal of corroded, damaged or overtightened nuts.
  • They can be used without damaging any adjacent components or devices.
  • The cutting blades are suitable for re-grinding.

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Technical information

Nut splitters
Bolt diameter in mm Width across flats in mm Tare weight in kg
Model 1 11-16 13-24 7
Model 2 11-22 16-36 9
Model 3 22-32 36-51 10

The technical product information displayed is for guidance only and may differ.