Manrider Winches

Manrider winches are air winches, which enables their use under a wide range of conditions. They are certified and meet all the requirements placed on manriding equipment.

Load capacity: 5 t max.

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Technical information


Manrider winches
Load capacity (T) 1,445 3,123
1st layer line speed at rated load (m/min) 23 21
Max. air consumption (m3/min) 9,5 19,9
Drum size (mm) 610 610
Recommended wire rope diameter 13 19
Max. number of wire rope layers 8 8
Wire rope on drum 1st layer (m) 42 39
Wire rope on drum 2nd layer (m) 88 81
Wire rope on drum 3rd layer (m) 137 127
Wire rope on drum last layer (m) 437 410
Weight without wire rope (kg) 411 916

The technical product information displayed is for guidance only and may differ.