Hydraulic Skidding System

The configurable Skidding System is suitable for moving heavy loads of exceptional sizes to locations where using a crane is not an option.

The Skidding System is very user-friendly and consists of a set of tracks, beams and push/pull units.

More details

  • Capacity at least 800 tons, 4 x 200 tons
  • Extremely stiff beam; no bending with concentrated loads
  • Double-acting; accurate control
  • Wings are flexible; pulling or pushing activities can be switched within a few seconds
  • PTFE pads for smooth gliding

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Technical information

Hydraulic Skidding System
Lenght in mm Width in mm Height in mm Weight in kg
Beam 3000 290 195 415
Push- and pull unit 930 390 175 110
Track 2000 420 162 160
Pump unit 380V 665 650 1275 120

The technical product information displayed is for guidance only and may differ.