Electrical Wire Rope Hoists

A steel wire rope serves as the traction mechanism and is fed over thrust and guide rollers and round the traction wheel and is automatically ejected if there is no load. The length of the wire rope can be tailored to customer requirements and any part of it is easy to insert and remove – no further need for laboriously threading in from one side.

Load capacity: 0.8 t, 1.6 t, 3.2 t and 6.4 t

A range of different wire rope lengths are available separately.

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Technical information

Electrical wire rope hoists
Load capacity in t Speed in m/min Weight in kg Operating voltage/Amp/Power Wire rope diameter in mm
0.8 6 32 230 V /1 kw 8.2
1.6 10 58 400 V /7.8 A/ 3 kw 11.2
3.2 5 160 400 V /7.8 A/ 3 kw 16
6.4 2.5 240 400 V /7.8 A/ 7.5 kw 20

The technical product information displayed is for guidance only and may differ.