Jacking equipment

LGH have been helping to lift businesses worldwide for decades, with a comprehensive range of jacking products. We’re leading from the front, to help you lift your loads and equipment more efficiently and effectively with some of the most durable and dependable jacking equipment in the industry.

From supporting structures to moving machinery, LGH have a huge range of jacking equipment for hire, ranging from simple bottle jacks, to state-of-the-art synchronous lifting systems, as well as powerful toe jacks for flexible deployment anywhere on site.

LGH jacking equipment can be used to lift and lower, turn and tilt loads from 2 to 5 tonnes, and beyond in combination, safely, carefully and reliably in a range of industrial, commercial and construction settings. Our extensive range covers manual and electrically operated jacks, with either mechanical or hydraulic lifting capabilities, backed by all the accessories you need to customise your operation.

All our jacking equipment comes guaranteed, tested and certified, ready to use, and is backed by the unrivalled experience and expertise of the LGH team who can recommend the right equipment for any job in any environment, including manually operated and remote control jacks.

Whatever you are lifting, wherever you are working, LGH has a professional jacking solution to get the job done efficiently, effectively and in complete safety.