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28.11.2018 09:26 Leeftijd: 146 days
Categorie: Projecten

Lifting a yacht

We were asked to assist in weighing a yacht at the shipyard of the Buijs brothers in Krimpen aan den IJssel. A rather impressive specimen. After almost a year, the construction work at this shipyard is finished and the hull goes to Amsterdam, where the construction will be fully completed. Weighing was done to accurately map out the weight of steel used.

We sent 4 straightpoint loadcells (2x 200T and 2x 300T) and GreenPin Widebody shackles to the yard and were also present on the day of the job to assist.

Each load cell is hanging in its own hook. The result is that 4 separate readings can be mapped. Even 5, when we add up the total load. The system works wirelessly and can be monitored in real time using software on a laptop, up to a distance of 700 metres.

As said, it was an impressive yacht. The total weight was about 418T. It was lifted about a metre from the ground and launched a little further down the water. The lifting job took about an hour in total, and the load distribution was up to date every second.

Afterwards, because it was cold that day we enjoyed a warm cup of soup. But the safe lifting job and the satisfied customer made the job a real success. We took the lifting equipment back home when the job was done. That is one of the perks for our customers, no storage costs or maintenance. They can leave that part up to us, we put safety first.