LGH Expands Multi-Lug Offering in Europe with Gouda Constructie BV Investment

Multilug lifting a building with multi-point rig
The Multilug fulfilling its first task

LGH, a leading rental provider of hoisting and lifting equipment, announces its continued investment in Multi-Lug beams from Gouda Constructie BV, a Netherlands-based company. The investment demonstrates LGH’s continued commitment to delivering innovative equipment that caters to the growing demand for versatile and high-capacity rigging solutions for complex lifting projects.

Multi-lug beams, also referred to as multiple-point beams, are highly versatile and effective in various settings. The new multi-lug beams are capable of lifting up to 100 tonnes and have a safe and user-friendly design with multiple lifting points both above and below the beam to enable either a central lift from a lifting beam or a spreader/semi-spreader configuration. This flexibility makes them the ideal choice for lifting and moving heavy loads that require support at multiple points as they can be adjusted to meet specific weight distribution needs.

Phil Smith, the Operations Director of LGH, has expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Gouda Constructie BV. He stated, “ LGH intends to remain at the forefront of the market by offering safe and innovative solutions to our customers. The decision to expand our fleet of Multi-Lug beams comes as a response to the growing demand for more advanced lifting solutions in the industry. The beams have been proven to provide great results in various lifting applications, making them an ideal investment for LGH. He added, “Gouda’s reputation for quality perfectly aligns with LGH’s dedication to excellence in the lifting industry.”

This announcement follows recent investments in the Modulift Spreader Beams and Kito Electric Chain Hoists for the LGH fleet across Europe.