Heavy Duty, but Easily Portable – Finding a Balance for our Range of Hire Equipment for Heavy Lifts

You’ll already be aware that LGH have a specific range of equipment for very heavy loads, designed for large-scale projects. Using our range of heavy duty lifting equipment including: hydraulic jacks, air hoists and modular spreading systems, it is possible to lift loads of up to 1000 tons.

Many customers that require range of equipment for heavy lifts are based in the energy industries, where our strong and reliable equipment can be safely used to lift wind turbines and pipelines. Heavy lifting gear is also used in the construction and maintenance industries, balance spreaders and load cells are used to precisely place large frames on site.

We’re proud of the strength, toughness and durability of our range of heavy lifting equipment. With such large scale hire equipment we also concentrate on the portability of your heavy lifting solution. We are keen to ensure that all of our components are easily transported to your place of business with minimal fuss and simple transport arrangements.

Our service team can arrange delivery of your heavy lifting equipment and can offer expert advice on how to transport the gear, how to set up and how to handle the gear on-site. If you’d like details of transport and deliveries, then speak to a member of the team.

For detailed dimensions of any of our available products, it’s a great idea to check the catalogue online. You’ll find that for every product that we hire, there is not only exact size and weight dimensions, but also detailed load capacity.

You’ll see that we only use the best equipment that is strong, portable and perfect for your job – no matter what the size.