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Why rent

„Nobody buys a car for a two week business trip“, Bill Parkinson was heard saying when he founded the company in 1970. So why should a company buy equipment that it only requires short-term? Particularly when you bear in mind the expertise required to service and operate such machinery. Faced with increasingly rapid change and ever more urgent time pressures, companies today can only remain viable by streamlining operations and maximising cost effectiveness.

At LGH, our aim is to lift some of the weight from your shoulders – we provide the expertise so you don't have to. Our specialist engineers can handle even the most complex lifting problems: with our help, customers can concentrate on their core business and have access to the right equipment for the job – as and when their projects require. They are spared the cost of maintenance and investment – and even machine failure does not involve costs of any kind. Whether customers require equipment for short-term use, additional equipment to cover peak periods/bottlenecks, fast replacement in the event of equipment failure or specialised equipment: we have the right equipment for the job.