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Digital Load Cells

Digital load cells are a complete weighing component system for high-precision load weighing on the floor. The system comprises 4 load cells, 4 load feet, 3 m data cable, distributor box and power supply unit. Four high-quality load cells made of tool steel ensure precise weighing. Load capacity 20 t and 40 t.

Load capacity: up to 500t



Wireless Compression Load Cells

In addition to the exact measurement of the entire load, it is possible to determine the weights of each individual measuring point. A simple calculation of the load center is done by the 4 load cells and the supplied PC software. Thanks to the wireless connection, major projects can be completed in a fraction of the original time because no cables are required. Our wireless compression load cells provide convenient load cell force monitoring and measurement in the heavy duty area.

Load capacity: up to 600t

Transmission range: up to 700 m



digital loadcells
digital loadcells
wireless compression loadcells
wireless compression loadcells


Technical Data Sheet Digital Load Cells (pdf)

Manual Tractel digital load cells (pdf)

Wireless compression load cell

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