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Construction & Maintenance

Fluctuating levels of work are all too familiar in the construction industry: huge workloads in the warmer seasons and comparatively little work in autumn and winter. Renting certified lifting gear from top manufacturers minimises capital expenditure, cuts costs and ensures that you always have access to state-of-the-art equipment that is well maintained and ready to use.
With our on-site consulting services we bring our technical fluency in all aspects of lifting engineering to the table and help customers solve even the most complex problems. So if you are faced with the challenge of lifting a relatively fragile 57-tonne work of art and setting it down on a pedestal with millimetre-precision within 20 minutes – LGH is your answer!

Case Study Allt inom Smide & Rostrfritt

Allt inom smide & Rostrfritt AB designed a steel mould weighing 130 tons. Before assembling the mould it was divided into five pieces to make deinstallation easier. After the concrete was placed, dried up and construction work was finished the pieces had to be removed from underneath the bridge without causing the train traffic below to stop for more than 12 hours. The tracks are highly frequented with trains directly going to and from Stockholm and also servicing the connections to the airport. The work had to be timed perfectly as delays were not an option.

Case Study Bahnbetriebswerk Krefeld

LGH GmbH has assisted the historical railway depot in Krefeld (Bahnbetriebswerk Krefeld) with essential restoration work. The heritage-protected railway turntable, weighing 50 tons and measuring 23 meters in length, had to be remodeled which entailed lifting it roughly one meter above ground. With a suitable hoist and the extensive expertise of LGH GmbH, the tricky railway hub project could be completed simply and safely.

Case Study Kranservice Rheinberg

The upper part of a port slewing crane on the Rhine river needed to be completely lifted in order to replace a defective large-diameter roller bearing. Weighing in at 200 tonnes, stability and safety were the key criteria for the successful lifting of the upper structure of the 40m high crane – both of which were reliably ensured by the computer-controlled hydraulic synchronous lifting system provided by LGH GmbH.

Case Study Scholpp

LGH electrical chain hoists proved the ideal solution to lift and mount four steel steps - each weighing 40 tonnes and 15 metres long – in the new atrium of the main train station of the Leipzig City Tunnel. 

Case Study Riga Mainz

The recent expansion of the A6 freeway meant that the existing footbridge was now too short. Its replacement involved lifting the new 265-tonne, 70-metre long and 6.5-metre wide steel footbridge over the freeway, a complex task which was mastered using the LGH modular spreading system.

Case Study Hollandia

The South bridge, a bascule bridge that crosses the West Lock near Terneuzen, needs replacing. The new bridge is almost 60 metres long, 17.8 metres wide and weighs 456 tonnes. To complete the project the company used sheave blocks, steel wire rope and shackles from LGH.

Case Study Xervon Energy

The construction of a gas and steam power plant in Bonn required the erection of a waste heat steam generator with an overall height of 45 m. Above a height of 28m, the last three components of the waste heat boiler needed to be added in stages. This involved implementation of LGH's 4point modular beam system.