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We are devoted exclusively to the rental of lifting and material handling equipment and offer an unrivalled all-round service supporting you every step of the way with top quality equipment, tailored solutions and on-site consultation services.
So don‘t just lift it - LGH it!

Rental equipment

Construction & Maintenance

Are you a steel erector, a mechanical contractor, a road and bridge builder or an elevator-, crane or roofing company? Do you work in concrete and masonry or as a demolition or repair company? Then you can profit from our services. We provide the expertise and the equipment as and when you need it - at a fraction of the total cost of ownership!

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Energy & Utilities

The boom of renewable energies has also given rise to a large number of construction projects in the energy industry. So if you work as a transmission equipment installation engineer, a mechanical-, water distribution and treatment or cable laying contractor, or if you are a crane company or a gas pipe engineer, then we can support you all the way to deliver an expert job.

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Petrochemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Precision is key when dealing with petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants. By providing precise expertise and equipment we support you on site-,  operations- and project management. Do you work as a mechanical or electrical contractor, as a sheet metal worker, an installation engineer, or as a  piping-, plumbing-, service or crane company? Then you can sit back and rely on our expertise and equipment. 

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Marine & Transport

At sea, offshore or inland waterways: LGH has the right equipment for every conceivable scenario. We even have specialists for lifting valuable freight at great sea depths. And we are equally at home when it comes to inland transportation. Whether by road or by rail – we have the right tool to fit your job. 

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From 25-3 onwards, our office has a new address: Touwslagerstraat 17, 2984AW in Ridderkerk.
However, the collection of equipment, our phone number and our postal address remains unchanged. Mandenmakerstraat 22, 2984AS in Ridderkerk. Phone number: 0180 416655


Equipment and Expertise

We are the dedicated lifting equipment rental specialists and the biggest in the lifting equipment game. With our comprehensive inventory of more than 100,000 items of lifting and handling gear, we specialise in the provision of hire equipment. 

For more than 40 years we have been delivering the right equipment, to the right place, at the right time, ready for use, time after time after time. Safety is always at the forefront of all LGH activities. Whether determining a customer’s need and supplying the right equipment for a job or delivering many hundred pieces of lifting equipment to start a project at a few hours notice, we work with our customers to help them lift, pull and push legally, safety and efficiently.  And equally important, cost effectively by reducing the costs of ownership like capital investment, maintenance and legal compliance.

LGHeavy for the heaviest loads


With our product line LGHeavy we focus on special lifting gear. This makes it possible to lift up to 1000 tons (when combining equipment even heavier). 

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Particularly in the area of onshore and offshore wind industry, elements for wind turbines weighing several hundred tons have to be shipped and transported so they can be installed in wind farms. Modular spreader beams are used, for instance, enabling precise lifting without the forces impacting the loads.

Another area for our LGHeavy product line is onshore and offshore projects in the gas and oil industry. Especially in this area there are several requirements for heavy lifting equipment, for which LGHeavy is exactly tailored. For instance, wireless compression load cells are used in this area to calculate the centre of gravity, managing unequal load distribution during installation work. We gladly take over the entire weighing for you.

It goes without saying other equipment in our rental park can be used for almost all lifting and transport tasks in the heavy-lifting industry. We have experience in gas and oil, wind industry, renewables, decommissioning, infrastructure and industrial movement.

Lifting, loading and unloading heavy loads is our business. We provide you with high quality and certified equipment, technical advice and project support.

Find our comprehensive rental portfolio in the heavy lifting area or choose from our standard range.