Stator at Rugely


Ridderkerk, Netherlands and Rugeley, UK

Our colleagues in the UK received the request to remove a stator from a decommissioned power plant in Rugeley. This operation was preceded by many months of planning and calculations. Our British colleagues were to carry out the project and in Ridderkerk we worked on the lifting solution and the equipment. A good example of the cooperation within the LGH group.

The challenge

The stator that was going to be removed weighed 210T and would be removed using 2 overhead cranes. The cranes, however, could not be closer than 8 meters, while the lifting points on the stator are 3.3 meters apart and should be loaded upright.

We also had to take into account the total lifting height, which we had to keep to a minimum. The STV (Sling To Vertical) could not be more than 30 degrees. The heaviest multi lug we have did not have sufficient capacity in the configuration. So we looked for an alternative solution which we found in rigging.


The Situation/Circumstances

The rigging setup was double-checked by HTZ which is the manufacturer of these multilugs. The result is that if a 100% upright lift is used, the solution would work. After consultation between LGH NL and LGH UK and the customer we came to an agreement and in July the equipment for transport to the UK was loaded onto the truck in Ridderkerk. This wasn’t a small job in itselfas the multi lug itself weighs over 11.000kg.

multilug solution

More about the project can be found at the website of our English colleagues


Truck loading multi Lug1 Truck loading multi lug2 Stator1 Stator2 Stator3