Frame at an angle


Our client was commissioned to lower a number of tubes with a plastic casing into a drill pipe at an angle of 32.5 and 37.5 degrees. The challenge was to offer a hoisting solution in which this could be done with one crane at the right angle.


Based on the technical drawing of the tube supplied by the customer, we were able to determine the hoisting points. We worked out this data in Autocad and used it to determine which hoisting equipment was needed to carry out this hoisting job safely. Of course we took into account the angle in which the tube had to hang, but we also calculated the different forces exerted on the different lifting points. We shared this with the customer by means of a quotation and a construction drawing. Through this way of working, we have visually mapped out for the customer what the solution looks like and which equipment goes with it.

To make sure the preparations for the job (pre-rigging) went as smooth as possible we packed the hoisting materials in a logical way. Each point as marked on the drawing was delivered as a package (sealed on a pallet). This way, the people at the site could immediately get to work without having to search what piece of equipment has to go where.


We delivered:

Multiple shackles of 6,5T, 12T and 55T

Roundslings of 5T, 8T, 10T, 12T and 20T

Spur gear chain hoists of 10T