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Sjors Peeters, Foreman at Reef Infra:

“We simply do not have sufficient call for an electrical wire rope winch of this type, so it would not be worth us purchasing one – which is why we opted to hire one from LGH. We prefer to work with companies we can trust – and we consider LGH to be a reliable and reputable partner.”

The challenge

Avoiding damaging a range of key pipelines that run alongside the drain pipe to be replaced. Uncovering the drain pipe between the other pipelines for the entire 340 metres would have been both extremely time-consuming and expensive, so that an innovative solution was required for this project.

The solution

The old drain pipe had a diameter of 800 mm, so instead of replacing the drain pipe in its entirety, a new GRP pipe with a diameter of 600 mm was simply inserted in the existing pipe. A work area was excavated that was big enough to allow insertion of the 10 m pipes used for this purpose. On insertion, each pipe was then connected with the next 10 m pipe and the joint hermetically sealed. Using this method, 240 metres of pipe were pulled through from one side and 100 metres from the other. This was managed using an electrical wire rope winch from LGH with a load capacity of 10 tonnes. The project was successfully completed in three months by just two installation engineers and one foreman.

Our equipment used for this project

  • Electrical wire rope winches with a load capacity of 10 tonnes