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Bosch RexrothBosch Rexroth

Frits Looijmans, Project Manager:

“It is only possible to complete a project at that speed if you are working with flexible partners. LGH is reliable, flexible and offers outstanding service. Those were the three key components that were decisive when it came to choosing a partner for this project.”

The challenge

The Bosch Rexroth Services Division offers specialist servicing and maintenance in the field of drive and control technology. Assembly is generally carried out on-site at the customer. The company was commissioned by Bosch Rexroth Deutschland to build a range of hydraulic units for a Dutch customer. For this purpose, they needed to set up a full-service workshop within 7 days.

The solution

Opposite the Netherlands branch of Bosch Rexroth in Boxtel, an empty hall was converted into a full-service workshop in an extremely short space of time. Within five workdays, LGH supplied three aluminium gantries with a load capacity of 2 tonnes, three electrical chain hoists with a load capacity of 2 tonnes and a chain length of six metres, two workshop cranes, and a range of lifting slings and shackles. For the workshop generators, they also supplied a compressor, welding devices and a fork lift. This enabled Bosch Rexroth to transform the empty hall into a full-service workshop within the space of just one week.

Our equipment used for this project

  • 3 x 2-tonne gantries
  • 3 x 2-tonne electrical chain hoists
  • Shackles
  • 2 x Workshop cranes
  • Lifting slings