LGH Lifting Experts

We dedicate a lot of pages to our equipment, but we would be nowhere without our people. These are the people you can reach out to when it comes to the rental of equipment and/ or lifting solutions. They are real Lifting Experts.

(BE + NL) Davy Kraft

E: davy.kraft@lgh.eu
T: +32471863730

(BE + FR) Gilles Dhaenens

E: gilles.dhaenens@lgh.eu
T: +32471776121

(DE) Alina Fischer

E: alina.fischer@lgh.eu
T: +49201747050

Tim Freudenthal

(DE) Tim Freudenthal

E: tim.freudenthal@lgh.eu
T: +49 (0)15174493771

Alexander Maier

(DE) Alexander Maier

E: alexander.maier@lgh.eu
T: +49 (0)1605883804

(DE) Mario Maaß

E: mario.maass@lgh.eu
T: +49 (0)15124104870

(NL) Kenneth Moerenhout

E: kenneth.moerenhout@lgh.eu
T: +31180416655